Training School on
Morphology and Systematics of Groundwater Copepods

16-17 July 2022
Cluj-Napoca & Padiș

Limited number of students: 20



Groundwater copepods taxonomy has a tradition at the “Emil Racovita” Institute of Speleology promoted by Pierre Alfred Chappuis. Along his career at ISER Chappuis performed extensive studies on groundwater fauna and especially on copepods and was one of the promotors for practical methods of their study. With this school we aim to renew the tradition on groundwater copepod systematic and taxonomy and promote the taxonomy as an important discipline in the studies of subterranean domain. The objective of the course is to provide postgraduate students/postdoctoral fellows with a comprehensive and state-of-the-art introduction to the morphology, systematics, biology and ecology of groundwater copepods (cyclopoids and harpacticoids) and training in technical skills of dissections and identifications. 



Dr. Paulo Corgosinho, Unimontes-State University of Montes Claros / National Institute of Amazonian Researches (INPA), Brazil - Groundwater harpacticoids

Dr. Sanda Iepure, “Emil Racovita” Institute of Speleology / Romanian Institute of Science and Technology, Romania - Groundwater cyclopoids


Course structure

Day 1 (16.07.2022)

1) Introduction to groundwater harpacticoids morphology, biology, ecology, classification and phylogeny (morning session) 

2) Introduction to groundwater cyclopoids morphology, biology (i.e., life cycle), ecology, classification and phylogeny (morning session)

3) Introduction to methods of sampling, collecting, samples processing and initial laboratory treatments of groundwater cyclopoids and taxonomic techniques for the study of groundwater copepods (afternoon session).

Day 2 (17.07.2022)

1) Practical session of groundwater harpacticoids species identifications (afternoon session) (dissections, slide – preparations, mounting, staining) (morning session)

2) Practical session of groundwater cyclopoids species identifications (afternoon session).

Days 3 – 5 (22-24.07.2022) 

Field application in Padiș karstic area (north-western Romania). Practical sessions on: 1) collecting of groundwater copepods in main groundwater habitats (caves, hyporheic zone of rivers and springs) and 2) preservation of material sampled. 


Those interested in attending the course please made a pre-registration until 28 February 2022 by sending an email to: 

Dr. Paulo Henrique Costa Corgosinho


Dr. Sanda Iepure