ABSTRACTS WILL BE SUBMITTED ONLINE at                                          until June 30 2022. 

Instructions for submission:

1. authors create the abstract in ACA (assigning the abstract to the collection, inviting co-authors - if any - and filling in the abstract's content)
2. authors submit the abstract for technical evaluation
3. the collection administrator (Oana Teodora Moldovan) is notified via an automated message and should proceed with either sending feedback to the authors requiring some corrections or with approving the abstract for submission. Abstracts will be accepted only for registered participants.
4. authors submit the abstract to the journal following some predefined submission steps, whereas they are asked to choose among some options, agree with the platform's Terms and Conditions, declare lack of conflict of interest, indicate that the article processing charges are covered by choosing the following option: "I have a special agreement via direct contact with the journal prior to submission to receive a full or partial fee waiver for this submission" and indicate in the free text field the name of the collection, etc. You will find details on the process here.
5. once the authors submit the abstract, it will be assigned for layout and then published. 

if you face problems with the online submission please contact the Organizers 


Abstract Submission ended